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     From time to time we get interesting instruments in the shop or we make something which are a bit out of the ordinary.   Some are simply strange, some are beautiful and some are simply cool.   Whatever they may be, I find them interesting and this  page will be a place for me to post photos of these items.


gallery-1-1.jpg (30072 bytes)  The guitar had probably the most worn frets we have ever seen.

gallery 888.gif (151268 bytes) The worst broken neck I have ever seen.  One of the few I have ever seen where the neck was unrepairable and we couldn't get a replacement from Guild.  Ah well, can't win them all.

gallery334.jpg (45135 bytes) This bridge was made of stamped sheet metal.  The "saddle" is one piece (also stamped metal) and is separate from  the bridge and is adjustable for height.  Bolt or screw on.  Clearly this was someone's idea of a good idea, and they were WRONG!!!

gallery1-336.jpg (15716 bytes) Another of the same.


gal-3.jpg (33088 bytes) A three piece koa back.  It really looked nice.

gal-5.jpg (37710 bytes)   A lovely piece of walnut.


 A very unusual piece of Brazilian rosewood.

Rosewood2.jpg (39646 bytes) Another of the same.



gallery-1-10.jpg (42709 bytes) Small (OM ) shape in dark tortoise.

gallery -1- 11.jpg (39506 bytes) Hoffman shape in dark (but not so dark) tortoise - this is called vintage color.


gallery - 1 15.jpg (33188 bytes)  Traditional D shape in black.  My least favorite both as to shape and size and as to color.


gallery-1-16.jpg (39235 bytes) Traditional D shape in tortoise.

gallery-1-17.jpg (37743 bytes) Plain (clear)  Probably my favorite, but a medium tortoise in my shape would be next.


gallery-1-18.jpg (38735 bytes) Different color tortoise available.


The following pictures are of my # 100 guitar, made quite a long time ago - I am now at about 600.

   Galler4.jpg (21434 bytes)  Galler13.jpg (60171 bytes) Galler14.jpg (60019 bytes) 

 Galler15.jpg (43490 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (31580 bytes) gallery889.gif (204693 bytes)

gallery890.gif (300144 bytes)  gallery891.gif (337783 bytes)  gallery892.gif (230674 bytes)  

gallery893.gif (172549 bytes) 

Some nice koa guitars - both are 12 fret concert size.

 gallery333.gif (393695 bytes) gallery334.gif (406048 bytes)  gallery335.gif (370846 bytes)


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