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Schwab Mandolins

After over 30 years with Hoffman Guitars, Kevin has decided to retire, and will no longer be building instruments.

We wish him well in all his endeavors, and bid him a fond farewell.


     Kevin Schwab has worked at my shop for about 20 years, and is a very fine repairman.  He works on anything, but specializes in mandolins, banjos and dobros.  He also makes (and has made for at least 23 years) some very fine electric mandolins.  A few words from Kevin:

Besides doing repair work at Hoffman Guitars, I also build electric mandolins.  since 1980 I have built mandolins for players such as John Abercrombie, Joe Carr, Bob Applebaum, Peter Ostroushko, Jimmie Henley, Marty Stuart and Michael Lampert (more on Michael to follow).

All Schwab Mandolins are made with the finest components available.  After a long search for that "fat" sound, I found that Bartolini Pickups really fit the bill.  Being humbuckers they can be wired for dual sound.  A solid brass bridge, larger fret wire and a slightly longer scale (14.5 inches) all contribute to the sustain. Schaller Minis keep it tuned and the finish is a high gloss lacquer.

The following three models are to give you an idea of what can be done and at what price.  I enjoy doing custom work and I'm open to any ideas about colors, woods, body shapes, etc.  (Photos are thumbnails - click to enlarge).

schwab201.jpg (44088 bytes)Basic:    

 Ash Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood fingerboard,   black or white laminated pickguard.

Price:   $1295.00




schwabdlx2.jpg (53753 bytes) Deluxe:  

 Alder body with  Flamed Maple Top and back, maple neck, Ebony Fingerboard,  Tortise Binding, Tortoise pickguard.  (left in photo).

                                                                                                     Price $1450.00



SCHW456.jpg (54413 bytes)  Sunburst Deluxe:  Same as Deluxe, with  hand stained Sunburst Finish, grained ivoroid binding and gold hardware.

 Price:   $1675.00

Tweed Plush Case:   $150.00   



Steven Stone reviewed one of my mandolins for the November 2001 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine.  The entire review can be read by clicking on "Instrument Reviews" at:  http://www.emando.com/index2.htm

If you would like to hear a Schwab Mandolin, visit Michael Lampert's web site at www.sojournerrecords.net.  There are several cuts from his fine CD "Jacaranda."

About Michael Lampert

Michael has owned several of my instruments over the years and though we've never met face to face, I consider him a good friend.  He has been instrumental in promoting my mandolins and for that I am forever grateful.

Some time ago we put our heads together to come up with an instrument to fit his particular needs.  So, I'm pleased to announce the Michael Lampert Signature Model.  The big difference between the MLS and my regular model is the scale length.  The Signature Model has a 13.75 inch scale which is closer to the standard mandolin scale.  The body is slightly different and the peghead features Michael's signature.  The pictures below show the difference in size.  Michael's personal MLS (pictured) has a mahogany body with a Koa laminate on the top with ivoroid binding, maple neck, ebony fingerboard and the control cavity rear routed for mazimum wood exposure.

sch555.jpg (45589 bytes)                                                      schw556.jpg (57096 bytes)

Michael wanted me to offer a somewhat more affordable model so pictured below is a MLS with an alder body (color extra), maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, single Bartolini pickup (dual sound) with a white laminated pickguard.  Price is $1150.

schw557.jpg (38600 bytes)

The MLS is also available with two pickups, 5 string and all the other options of my standard model and is priced accordingly.


Pictured below are a few custom models I have done in the past.

sch558.jpg (29379 bytes) schw559.jpg (28824 bytes) sch560.jpg (58969 bytes) 

schw561.jpg (100925 bytes)  schw562.jpg (28950 bytes)  sch563.jpg (44905 bytes)

My terms are 50% down and the balance upon completion.  Because I don't build full time, all of my instruments are built to order.  I rarely have any in stock.  Generally the lead time runs 6 -8 months. 

You may contact me by e-mail at:   kschwab812@aol.com.  You may also contact him at Hoffman Guitars during business hours:  612-338-1079.



wpe8.jpg (10305 bytes) The peghead for a 5 string mandolin.







wpe6.jpg (12106 bytes)   This is Kevin's latest creation.  The top is a particularly fine piece of birdseye maple with very intense and tight birds eye figure.













wpe4.jpg (15294 bytes) A black mandolin.  This one has a pearlesent pickguard, even though it doesn't show well in the photo.  this is what we affectionately refer to as "Mother of Toilet Seat."












  Kevin recently completed his 100th mandolin.  Click on each of these photos to see a larger version of the image.











schwab-1-10.jpg (34880 bytes)




2219 East Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN. 55404

hoffmanguitars@qwest.net or choffman@hoffmanguitars.com

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