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     From time to time we get interesting instruments in the shop or we make something which are a bit out of the ordinary.   Some are simply strange, some are beautiful and some are simply cool.   Whatever they may be, I find them interesting and this  page will be a place for me to post photos of these items.

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We recently got a very interesting guitar in for repair.  It is a Howe-Orme, made about the turn of the last century (i.e. 1900).  It was made in Boston and is very unusual.  The top has a very unusual curvature - sort of like a barrel shape in the middle.  It isn't carved - the top is simply bent into this shape.  In addition the neck attachment is unique.  It is a 3 point mechanical system designed to allow for easy and almost limitless adjustment of the neck angle.  The only thing that I have seen in recent years that uses this system is some guitars made by Rick Turner, a very fine contemporary guitar maker.  Rick is an admitted devotee of the Howe-Orme instruments.  Some photos are found below:

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Serial #   2165


Length of Body:    19"

Width - Lower Bout:  13 1/2"

Width - waist:   8"

Width - upper bout:   10"

Scale length:          25".



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