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  wpeD.jpg (39895 bytes)My Parlor guitar is patterned after the myriad of small guitars which were made from the turn of the century to the thirties and were generically referred to as parlor guitars.  The most famous of these wonderful instruments was the C.F. Martin "New Yorker",  (Often called the O shape) a guitar which I have always loved.  Although this guitar is less "versatile" than my other shapes, I still love its wonderfully sweet sound.  This guitar has a high and delicate tone which is wonderful for fingerpicking.  This is the only guitar I make which comes standard with a twelve fret neck. Because the bridge is in the middle of the lower bout of the instrument,  the effect is a guitar with a surprising volume and richness for its size, and the characteristic "sweetness" of the tone.

A very unique instrument, but a joy for the right player.  This is the guitar which I made for my wife, and that guitar continues to give great pleasure to all who hear and play it.  I will make this with either a slotted or plank style peghead.

The photos with borders are thumbnails - click on the photo to see the full size image.  


Scale Length -- 25.6 inches

Lower Bout: -- 13.75 inches

Upper Bout: -- 9.75 inches

Body Length: -- 19 inches

Body Depth: -- 4.125 inches


wpe4.jpg (15581 bytes)  For a large version of this photo, go HERE.















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