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   A number of builders are building guitars with a fairly heavily beveled edge on the top - bass side - right where the players right arm rests.  To my knowledge the first builder to do this was Grit Laskin, a very fine Canadian builder (and fabulous inlay artist).  Kevin Ryan, another fine builder (this time, from California) has enlarged, modified and just generally been creative with the basic idea.  Brian Applegate has adopted something very like Kevin's design.  When I decided to do a bevel I looked to all of these builders and made some small changes of my own.


   The basic reason for the Bevel Edge is comfort - which is why I consider this design feature to fit under the general category of Ergonomics.  When combined with a Wedge Body the total effect is a guitar which is supremely comfortable under the right arm.

   Below are some photos and description of how I go about doing this. 

  There must be blocking where the bevel is cut.  I size the blocks so that the amount of wood glued to the top and sides after the bevel is cut is exactly the same as the linings it replaces.  This will minimize any damping of the vibrations of the body.


  Here the bevel has been cut but the binding is not in place

   The remaining photos are of the finished product (sort of)



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