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wpe1.gif (18791 bytes)Our shop has been primarily an instrument repair shop since our founding in 1971.  (Years ago, when FRETS magazine was the only regular popular magazine on acoustic guitars, I wrote a regular column on repair and building.)  Hoffman Guitars is a factory authorized warranty service center for C.F. Martin, Gibson, Guild, Fender, Taylor, Olson, Santa Cruz and Collings.  In fact we are one of the Martin company's largest warranty shops and regularly take in work from all over the country. 

We offer a full range of repairs, from restoration of fine vintage instruments to the simplest set-ups of beginner guitars. We have wide experience in both acoustic and electric instruments.  We are experienced in a full range of finish repairs, from touch up of old instruments to total finish jobs on custom instruments.    Along the way we see have seen instruments ranging from plain to fancy, ordinary to extraordinary and normal to bizarre (we have repaired bullet holes, a Russian Contra-bass balalaika, sitars and tamburas,  and an entire collection of Dyer harp guitars).

We (not so modestly) believe that our repair services are of the very highest quality, and that there is no job we cannot tackle.  We invite you to visit us (or call or send an e-mail) to discuss any problems you are experiencing. We will help you arrive at a solution which is both cost effective and appropriate for your instrument.   We will tell you how long the repair will take, and we will do it in that time.    We believe that you will be happy with our work, and we will do everything in our ability to satisfy you.  We do not charge for estimates.

For more about our repair services, follow the links to our repair price list and to the Q & A section, where we respond to questions about both routine and unusual repair problems.


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