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As I have worked on developing this web site I have from time to time had "stuff" that I wanted to add that is not specifically related to the guitar business.  I have resisted adding too much of it in a (apparently vain) hope of keeping the site and the individual pages under some sort of control.  Apparently I am unable to resist my urges, so I decided to create this page to act as a home for this "stuff".  I make no claims that any of this will be valuable or even interesting to anyone but me, it may help keep the rest of the site under control.


wpe2.gif (41671 bytes)  A friend and long time customer of mine is a very fine studio photographer.  Long ago he traded some of his work for one of my guitars, and I got all of the black and white photos you see in this web site.  You can see some of them displayed in the page entitled Our Shop. A year or so ago he was traveling in the east, and stopped in Rosine, Kentucky.  He took this photo of his (Hoffman) guitar in the cabin that was Bill Monroe's childhood home.  To me that is soooo cool--   Bluegrass is my true love in music.    If you buy or rent the video called High Lonesome Sound you will see some shots of Monroe in this cabin--also cool, as is the video.







wpe1.jpg (22959 bytes)This graphic has nothing at all to do with guitars, except in the most remote and cosmic sense.   It is a "doodle" done by my father.  Walter Lees Hoffman was an eye surgeon and spent a fair amount of time at meetings --medical groups, Rotary, and the like.  While sitting there, he would, in his terms, doodle.  He made thousands of these over the years, all different.  Some were even displayed at a local hospital where he worked.  As a kid I always thought they were neat, but as I have grown up, I more and more see them as a art form.  So, I will put a few up here to remember him.


wpe2.jpg (19021 bytes)

wpe4.jpg (15028 bytes)


Speaking of people who inspired me, go here to read a little about a guy who was a great inspiration to me in this field.


wpe5.gif (30157 bytes)For many years we have had a lathe in the shop (originally intended for banjo work) and I have developed a hobby of decorative wood turning.  I am a member of the American Association of Woodturners, and in fact, from time to time do legal work for them on a pro bono basis (i.e. free).  This photo is an example of some of my pieces. 


 The photos below are thumbnails -click on the photo to see the larger image.

bowl1.jpg (32208 bytes)  bowl2.jpg (15010 bytes) bowl3.jpg (24354 bytes)

 bowl4.jpg (30932 bytes) bowl5.jpg (9958 bytes)  misc1-11.jpg (23147 bytes)

 misc1-12.jpg (15294 bytes) 


river1.jpg (99997 bytes)  I live just across the street from the Mississippi river, which is in a gorge about 150 feet deep at this point (this section is the only gorge in the entire length of the river).  One fine fall day Easy and I walked down the path to the river itself - a lovely thing to do on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Here is Easy on the path.

river2.jpg (48792 bytes) this is looking up the slope from the river to the street level.

river3.jpg (24955 bytes) Looking downstream.


river4.jpg (32879 bytes) Looking upstream.  My house is about 1 block further upstream from the railroad bridge shown here.

misc-1-692.jpg (52754 bytes)  Winter - view from my front door. At the tree line you see there is a fall off of about 150 feet down to the level of the Mississippi River.  This is, apparently, the only gorge along the entire length of the river.  

miscl-1-456.jpg (46060 bytes) Another nice amenity in Minneapolis is the famous Minnehaha Falls.  Just a few miles up the road from my house.

 This website and all of its content, text and images are copyright 1997-2011 by Charles A. Hoffman.  All rights reserved.

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