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Recent Additions:

Check out our new sign on the front of the building!!!  Fabulous, if I may say so myself. Thanks Carole!!!!

   NEW STUFF ON:   01/27/13  

I have been very lax in updating the web site - I do hope to do better.  


A new batch started in January 2013. 

I am now making an O shape guitar.  I do love small guitars. 

I have started a BLOG - let it not be said that I am not at the forefront of the new technology.  Maybe its just another chance for me to bloviate!!  Look here:  BLOG. Apparently I don't have all that much to say since I have not posted to the Blog very often - I will add some more brilliant observations soon. If you have some topic which you would like me to address, drop me a line. 

 We now have a Facebook page for the shop.  I am not so sure. We shall see. We will also soon have sound clips.  Then we will truly be in the modern age (but I still do not have a cell phone or an IPOD.) But I do have an IPAD, purchased mainly to assist with our trip last summer to Germany and England. 

I have added a new page with some thoughts on ergonomics and how that influences guitar design.  Look HERE.

   Some noteworthy pages.

A page of instructions on shipping a guitar.

Some thoughts on the effects of humidity. 

A NEW MODEL: Check out the new OO model.  Also an 0 size guitar.  Do you notice a trend here?  I do like smaller guitars.  They have a balance and a sweetness of tone which I find irresistible.

Current Production:

 Visit the  section on my current production.  There is a intro page, a section with general or generic photos  (which has five individual pages)  and individual pages for each guitar in the current batch.    This is not intended to replace the sections on my construction techniques, but is simply a way for those who can't get in every week to "visit" their guitar as it is being built.   Many of the photos are "generic" and  appear on the general current additions pages.  

Gallery Page:   This page has a variety of odd things on it.  Check out page 3.

         Handcrafted Guitars:

Just some editing going on here.  

        Guitar Construction: 

I am starting to replace some of the older photos in this section.  The digital camera I now use works much better than scanning prints.  I am also using larger photos for clarity and using thumbnails so that the pages do not load too slowly.

The Step by Step section (about 7 pages long) is an attempt to break down my building process into discrete steps (about 250 of them) with a description for each one.     Look Here. There are 7 such pages right now. The step by step is done and largely edited.  Links to the proper pages of the guitar construction pages are being added.   

  Charlie plays the #1,000,000 Martin, HERE and HERE.

 Harp Guitars:

For aficionados of this unusual (but very cool) instrument, there is a section on my building process and the completed harp guitars. 

             Schwab Mandolins:

Some new photos of Kevin Schwab's 100th mandolin are here.  There is also a new model - the Michael Lampert model - check it out here.


There is a new grandchild as of January 13, 2001.  New Photos to join those of the rest of the family, HERE  and HERE.  New photos 8/31/09.

This site is getting quite large -  there are well over 130 separate pages with more than  1000 photos - most of which have accompanying text.     For help in navigating, use the bars at the top and bottom of each page and, particularly, use the site map  (which is really just an Index).

  New photos of the grandchildren 8/31/09.

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