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  Well, these photos have nothing whatsoever to do with guitars or guitar building, but so what.   I am totally besotted with my grandchildren, and with grandparenting, so I thought I would put these photos on my web page (it is mine, after all).  Besides, I can then have various members of my family look it up.  Sari Nicole is 7 years old (September 1993), and her brother, Raafael Donal was born 1/16/99 (now he is two).  Our newest, ROWAN, was born January 13, 2001.  He was  9# 14 oz - a veritable bruiser.  Susan and I could not be happier.

NOTE:  These photos are thumbnails.  Click on the photo to see the full size photo.  

  Rowan, at about 1 hour old.




Rowan and his grandpa.




The siblings.  Rachael and David are now outnumbered.




  The boys.




The family.





Grandma loves the baby, too.    




 Rowan at about 2 months.





 Sari and our cat, Zeke.





 Grandma (Susan) and Raafael.






wpe2.gif (209172 bytes)  This is Sari and her new brother, Raafael.





wpe6.jpg (11526 bytes)  Gramps and Rafe. 





wpe4.jpg (52013 bytes)  Here I am with Raafael.  I am as happy as I look!!







wpe4.jpg (39166 bytes)  Me and Rafe, about 9 months later than the photo above.







wpe4.jpg (24332 bytes)   My son Gabriel and his niece, Sari, XMAS 1998.




wpe4.jpg (46327 bytes)  Susan and Rafe  12/99.






wpe5.jpg (42482 bytes)    Susan and Sari  12/99.







wpe6.jpg (49259 bytes)  Rafe 12/99.







wpe8.jpg (55301 bytes)  Sari, 12/99, sitting on a rocking horse made by Grandpa.






wpe9.jpg (58623 bytes)  Sari and Rafe, 12/99.






wpeA.jpg (28496 bytes)Sari, 12/99





wpeB.jpg (29060 bytes)     Sari, 12/99.






   Rafe and his cousin, Julia (they were born 12 hours apart)




  Here Rafe is not so happy.  Never fear, he is generally the happiest of children.



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