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NEW BATCH STARTING  February / March 2012

    Over the years I have found that my customers love to watch their guitar while it is being built.  However, in this age of internet sales it is not always (or even often) possible for them to come to my shop for a periodic "show and tell."  So, many years ago I decided to put up a series of pages which describe, both verbally and photographically, the progress of the guitars in my current production batch (I generally make 9 or 10 guitars in a batch.  Listed below are the guitars in my current batch.  Click on the link and go to the specific page for each guitar.  Since many of the steps are quite generic, there are also pages of generalized photos showing the progress of the current batch.  To see these pages, look HERE

Some of these guitars are being built for the Montreal Guitar Festival in June/July 2012.  They are so marked but are available for pre-sale.  

A small note on construction:  In recent years I have been moving towards use of traditional hot hide glue on structural aspects of my guitars.  I started with top braces and the bridge.  Next I glued the top to the sides with hide glue.  In the current batch I am also gluing back braces with hide glue and gluing the back on with hide glue.  Does this make a difference?  Hard to say for sure but I seem to notice an incremental improvement.  All those lovely Martins and Gibson's from the 20s, 30's and 40s were done this way.  Recently Martin started making its "Traditional" series guitars that use hide glue (along with a variety of other "vintage" techniques), and they sure are lovely sounding guitars.  We shall see.

603:  Slope D;  Black Acacia (Australian Blackwood) B & S;  Adirondack Top; Koa Binding; Large Soundhole; 12 Fret Neck; Waverly Tuners.  SOLD

604:  Small Jumbo 12 String;  Koa B & S; Bearclaw Sitka top; 12 Fret Neck; Slot peghead; Cutaway. SOLD

605:  Small Jumbo 12 String;  Flame Mahogany; Bearclaw Sitka; Bloodwood Binding; Koa / Abalone Soundhole; Cutaway.  MONTREAL GUITAR FESTIVAL

606:  Small Jumbo;  Cocobolo B & S;  Bearclaw Sitka; Koa Binding.  MONTREAL GUITAR FESTIVAL

607:  O (parlor);  Koa B & S; Adirondack top; Abalone rosette;  Rosewood binding; Waverly Tuners  MONTREAL GUITAR FESTIVAL

608: Dreadnaught;  Indian Rosewood B & S; Adirondack top;  Koa Binding;  Abalone Rosette; 

609:  Small Jumbo 12 String;  Beeswing Mahogany B & S; Bearclaw Sitka Spruce;  Koa /Abalone rosette

610: Small Jumbo 12 String;  Indian Rosewood B & S;  Bearclaw Sitka top;  Koa / Abalone rosette;  Koa Binding

611:  Small Jumbo;  Indian Rosewood B & S; Sitka top; Koa / Abalone rosette; Koa Binding.

612:  Small Jumbo 12 string;  Mahogany B & S; Bearclaw Sitka top;  Koa / Abalone rosette. 

613;  Small Jumbo 12 String;  Mahogany B & S; Bearclaw Sitka top.

614    OPEN



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