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     From time to time we get interesting instruments in the shop or we make something which are a bit out of the ordinary.   Some are simply strange, some are beautiful and some are simply cool.   Whatever they may be, I find them interesting and this  page will be a place for me to post photos of these items.

gal3-1.jpg (80243 bytes)   We spent quite while doing extensive repairs/restoration to a left handed Gibson Harp Guitar - which I believe could be the only one in existence.  The same owner had a right handed one as well and certainly has the only "pair" in existence.  Michele did the work.  

gal3-2.jpg (37283 bytes)    

gal3-3.jpg (32944 bytes)   

gal3-4.jpg (65400 bytes)

gal3-5.jpg (73811 bytes)    

The 1,000,000 Martin was in town recently along with some other of the fancy Martins - here are some photos.



  Two Gibson guitar banjos, both from 1918 which was, I believe, the first year that Gibson made banjos.  One has a 12 inch pot and the other a 14" pot.


The following photos are of a 1934 Martin D-28.  that was the FIRST year that Martin made a 14 fret D-28.  As you can see it is in very nice shape - a few years ago we reset the neck and did some refreting (I think that we may have reglued the bridge).  This guitar is so valuable in today's market that it scares me to have it in the shop.  On the other hand it is probably the finest sounding guitar I have EVER played.  Utterly beyond description.






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