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Current Production -- General

The photos on this page are of my current production batch (I generally make 8 to 12 guitars in a batch)  This page will have the photos that are generic to all of the guitars (such as making the rosettes.)  At the bottom of the page are links to the page showing the entire batch and to each of the pages for the guitars.

This is the first of the "General" pages for this batch - it shows pictures of steps that are generic for every guitar in the batch.  There are several such pages.  See also PAGE 2;   PAGE 3;    PAGE 4;   .

The photos are thumbnails.   Click on the photo and you will automatically go to the full image.

    I am close to finishing with gluing on top braces.  Some of the shaping and sanding is done but not all.

  More of the same

  Gluing in a tail block. 

  And a neck block - this one is a cutaway.

    The cavity for the end wedge is done on these and so are the dovetail in the body. 

  Gluing on back braces.

Koa back  with braces on.

  The other side

  Inside back                                                                                  

  Sides cut for end wedge

Sides cut for dovetail

Cutting end wedge cavity

cutting dovetail joint in body

Ribs (sides) ready to be shaped for back taper/curve

The tool for this is a dome shaped sanding disc

Which is rotated on the sides to create the proper shape

  Gluing in the linings

Same, for a cutaway

This set of ribs is ready for a back and top

  Gluing on a back

  End Wedge in place.

  Three ribs with the backs glued on but not trimmed

  Same three with the backs trimmed to the sides. 


  Carving top braces

  Top braces are all shaped and sanded smooth.

  Sides are notched to accept the top and the braces.

  Top is ready to be glued on.

  Top being glued on.

  Top is on but not trimmed

  Still not trimmed

  Sanding the sides

  Bodies are all together

  Starting to lay out the necks

  Neck blanks have been band sawn to shape and pegheads shaped.  Also the shafts are thicknessed

  The first one here is partly shaped

  More shaping is done

Starting to install truss rods

Gluing in the filler strip over the truss rod

  More of the same

  Truss rods are in

  Necks and bodies are moving right along.

More on the binding process HERE.

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