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wpe4.jpg (11098 bytes)  Here I am beginning to fine tune the shape of the neck - here the volute at the peghead- using a fine tooth half round rasp.  This is a rather nice file - made by Nicholson- which I dearly love.  It can cut aggressively and yet, with the proper touch, leave quite a fine finish as well.




 Here is the heel for a cutaway that is all machine work (band saw and spindle shaper).





 Here is a heel that I have "hand shaped" on the end of my belt sander.  I find that this is a very effective and efficient tool - I can go from a machine shaped heel to this point in perhaps 3-4 minutes.




 This is the same heel after I have refined it with a file.






Here is the volute with just machine work.






 A volute that has been sanded on the belt sander.






 And a volute that has been refined with the file (rasp).







wpe5.jpg (8264 bytes)  More of the same, here working on the heel.  I think a finely shaped, delicate heel is essential to a good looking guitar.




wpe6.jpg (11331 bytes)  After the neck is brought very close to shape with a spokeshave and file, I begin the sanding process.  I start with a technique which I think of as shoe shining.  A strip of 60 grit sandpaper is used like a shoe shine cloth and very quickly smoothes the shaft of the neck and makes the curves smooth and uniform.





wpe8.jpg (7895 bytes)   More of the same.




wpeA.jpg (9188 bytes)   There is a lot of pure hand sanding as well.  Getting all the curves smooth and fair is time consuming but necessary.




wpe4.jpg (7824 bytes)   More of the same.




 After shaping the necks get sprayed with lacquer.  I finish the neck and body separately and put them together after they have been polished.  This looks better and makes it much easier to remove the neck if it is ever necessary.  (Most guitars will need it after 20 - 40 years.)





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